Copper Tubes (500)

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  • Choice of 9 shades
  • 500 rings per pack
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Copper tubes are made especially for our tiny tip hair extensions. As an alternative to micro rings the copper tube is longer but lies much flatter, moulding around the shape of the tiny tip leaving no bulk.


Measuring in at a diameter of 3.5mm with a hole measuring 3mm and available in a choice of 9 shades.


Giving a light and natural feeling fitting.


Made from Electrolyic Copper (copper may contain traces of Nickel) Those with metal allergies or sensitive skin should seek medical advise before use.




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Weight 50 g

#Grey, #1 Black, #3 Dark Brown, #5 Medium Brown, #11 Light Brown, #8 Dark Blonde, #6 Medium Blonde, #13 Light Blonde, #Bug