Lace Frontal Closure

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  • 13 x 4” Swiss Lace Base
  • 150% density (medium density)
  • Full frontal ear to ear coverage
  • Natural part (can part anywhere)
  • Handmade
  • Baby Hair
  • Varying length of hairs up to 20”
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Full frontal lace closures are perfect for women wishing to protect their edges and those with thinning hair lines. Perfect for bespoke wig making, hair loss integration and weaves to achieve an effortless blend with a virtually undetectable finish.


Delicately crafted knotting each hair in place by hand taking around 4 hours to complete one unit. Complete with meticulously added baby hairs this frontal will seamlessly cover the entire hairline from ear to ear and are ideal for parting your hair any way to flatter your face.


The base is made with Swiss lace measuring 13” x 4” to give full ear to ear coverage. With varying length hairs throughout for a natural finish the longest length being 20 inches. All hairs are Routes Indian cuticle correct human Remy hair made to 150% density (medium density). Variable length hair along the hair line mimics the appearance of baby hairs, seamlessly blending into your natural scalp. The frontal parts naturally so you can part the hair where best suits your face and move whenever you want a change.


Lace frontal closure fittings are versatile and can be sewn or glued for the perfect natural looking installation.

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Weight 80 g

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