20″-22″ Luxury Clip In Set 200g

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  • Available in 3 different weight options ( 100g here and 150g here )
  • Double Drawn Remy Hair
  • 20-22 inch length
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Amazing hair does not have to be hard work if you choose clip in hair. Simply clip them in, style your hair and then at the end of the day unclip and store away in the hair wardrobe hanger provided. No long blow dry’s or trips to the salon for maintenance appointments needed.


Available in three different weight options:

  • 100g – suitable for fine hair.
  • 150g – suitable for average/medium thickness
  • 200g – suitable for thick hair.


new improve brick lay clip ins come as follows:


6 especially designed pieces including:
3 x strips of 4 “ pieces with 3 clips attached
3 x strips of 6” pieces with 2 clips attached



We designed the new brick lay clip ins as it achieves thicker pieces of hair in a more compact space so that the strips are less noticeable and you’re not running out of space on your head to fit them in discreetly.


Our new improve brick lay clip ins come as follows:


6 especially designed pieces including-
3 x strips of 4 “ pieces with 3 clips attached
3 x strips of 6” pieces with 2 clips attached


Placement can vary for each person as we recommend fitting each piece where it feels comfortable, blends your own hair in and does not leave the strips showing. Clip in sets easily tailor to any head of hair it sometimes requires a few attempts to find the right areas of placement for your hair.


Our guide for you to try:

Start with a 4” piece at the nape of the hair near the neck then brick laying the larger pieces on the next section and repeating this will create just 3 rows of full thick hair.

This is simply a guide and won’t necessarily be the best placement for everyone due to different hair thickness and head size.



Luxury Hair:

Sourced and selected from Southern India. The hair is not over processed to ensure the cuticles of the hair lay correct and intact. This hair is the most natural to see and feel giving long lasting gorgeous locks. The Luxury range gives a full look and has a natural kink to its texture. As a result you will experience a thick full look however the hair will need styling either sectioned to straight or waved/curl. This will avoid a frizzy look. We do not recommend leaving the hair to air dry.




Luxury hair has an approximate lifespan of up to 12 months (up to 8 months for light blondes) if not wearing to bed, storing correctly and using correct aftercare. tests have proven many cases have longer lifespans reported.

The lifespan of hair extensions is always dependant upon the end users lifestyle. The above guide is only as there is no definite lifespan due to hair extensions being a perishable product thats longevity depends greatly on the care of the user and the lifestyle of the user.


Our guide is based on sole use of the full range of Routes aftercare including:

Routes Hair Extension Shampoo

Routes Hair Extension Conditioner Routes Protein Spray.

Use of any alternative aftercare products will likely severely reduce the lifespan and will void any quality guarantee once fitted.




Ethically purchased at the top market value to ensure donors are fairly compensated. Hair is only purchased from consenting adults to ensure there is no underpayment nor child exploitation in practice. Sourced from South India.

We always advertise with full disclosure and integrity and we always recommend customers to fully be informed of the true description of what they are purchasing. Many brands are falsely advertising hair as Russian/Mongolian hair when there is simply no such thing. For more info on this topic please visit the Advice/FAQ page and scroll to “ Where do hair extensions actually come from?”.



Quality control:

Aside from the strict selection process at the source, our factory will perform many quality control tests to ensure the hair meets the standard for Luxury Hair. After each step of processing from bleaching to colouring there will be testing carried out to ensure the hair still has its cuticles in tact and that the processing has had minimal damage to the hair. Hairs that have their cuticles stripped or damaged enough to effect the quality or lifespan of the hair is discarded at this stage and will not be packaged or sold by Routes Hair.


After processing tests are completed the hair is drawn to remove shorter or loose hairs. An inspection is carried out to check the ratio of thickness is correct for Luxury Hair.


Checks are then made to ensure the hair colour matches the shade on the colour ring to ensure that any difference is so minimal it is not visible. If hair is a different tone to it’s matching colour swatch on the colour ring it is removed from the product line and will not be packaged for sale.


Once the method is determined (either weft, tapes or nanos) and attached the hair is then weighed per piece and per pack to ensure that every single gram is present.


Once the hair reaches our warehouse we then repeat the quality control checks on colour matching the shade swatch, the weight per pack and length correct as advertised. Anything that isn’t just so or hair that in any way feels defective does not reach out picking stations and is returned to the factory.


Additional information

Weight 220 g

1 – Jet Black, 1B – Brown / Black, 2 – Darkest Brown, 3 – Warm Dark Brown, 4 – Chocolate Brown, 6 – Golden Brown, 8 – Warm Light Brown, 9 – Ash, 10 – Lightest Brown, 12 – Darkest Blonde, 14 – Dark Ash Blonde, 16 – Caramel, 18 – Dark Blonde, 24 – Champagne Blonde, 18/60 – Beach Blonde Mix, 4/16 – Mix Choc, Hilight, 27 – Rose Gold, 30 – Chestnut, 33 – Copper Brown, 99j – Plum Brown, 530 – Bright Burgundy, Red, 613 – Lightest Ash Blonde, 60 – Platinum Blonde, 1b/4/24 – "Ombre", 4/6/12 – "Ombre", 18/24/60 – "Ombre", Grey