MVP Deluxe Colour Ring

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  • 34 shades
  • Removable swatches
  • Longer length hair for an easier match

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Routes MVP deluxe colour ring includes all 34 brand new shades including plain, mixed, rooted and balayage shades plus a selection of more ash shades without warm undertones.


MVP Hair:

The most superior quality hair extensions yet! Aptly named MVP it’s the most valuable professional hair (official awards pending).

Softer, silkier hair than the Luxury and PG range and only sourced from ponytail cut hair ensuring the cuticles are aligned (Remy hair). All MVP hair is 100% Virgin Human Hair meaning prior to our factory processing the hair has never before been chemically processed. New technology and advanced products have allowed our partner factory to process the hair with more natural ingredients and less chemical processing. This ensures the hair retains its softness and strength and is what gives the hair its longer lifespan. The hair is drawn many times to remove shorter hairs to give thickness right to the ends.

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