MVP Hair Sample Pack 

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  • X 2 MVP nano tip 12” sample strands
  • X 1 MVP flat weft 12” sample
  • X 1 MVP Tri tape 12” sample

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Sample pack of Routes latest hair range MVP (most valuable professional) Hair containing:


X 2 MVP nano tip 12” sample strands

X 1 MVP flat weft 12” sample

X 1 MVP Tri tape 12” sample

After many years established in the hair extension industry Routes have launched the most superior quality hair extensions yet!

Aptly named MVP it’s the most valuable professional hair (official awards pending).

The super silky MVP range is available in

20-22” and 24-26” lengths and 34 shades including plain, mixed, rooted and balayage shades.

It’s standard that all Routes hair is thick to the ends and MVP is no exception. The hair is drawn many times to remove short hairs leaving just a natural taper to the very ends. The 1 gram strands bring the thickness that Routes customers love and depend upon.


Available in the range is the following:


Nano tips:

Routes all time best seller is the nano tip. The small discreet fittings that can easily be removed and refitted over and over again. Very versatile for shade matching as many shades can be mixed for a perfect blend and placement can be varied the most with nano strand fittings. Nano tips being as small as the nib of a ballpoint pen there’s no wonder nanos remain a top favourite.


Flat wefts:

The new improved flat weft is superior to the generic machine weft giving a far more natural look fitting with no return hair at the top of the weft (eradicating the bulky look). Flat wefts are also suitable for those that like to wear their hair up as the flatter tracks lay close to the head even when tipped to scrape into a high pony.


Tip tapes:

The most revolutionary time saving fitment EVER! This new tape technology makes for the fastest fittings possible. Easier to install than even standard tapes and with far more versatility to adapt to finer hair as each tab can be easily split to 2 or even 3 small pieces.


Each Sample pack contains:

X 2 MVP nano tip 12” sample strands

X 1 MVP flat weft 12” sample

X 1 MVP Tri tape 12” sample


Lifespan of hair:

MVP hair has an approximate lifespan of 12 to 18 months (up to 12 months for light blondes) and our tests proved many cases longer lifespans are reported.

Lifespan of hair extensions are always dependant on the end user lifestyle. The above guide is only as there is no definite lifespan due to hair extensions being a perishable product thats longevity depends greatly on the care of the user and the lifestyle of the user. Our guide is based on sole use of the full range of Routes aftercare products in conjunction with the hair. If using alternative aftercare products this will likely severely reduce the lifespan and will void any quality guarantee once fitted.


Origin of hair:

Mongolia / North China border

Please see “Where do hair extensions actually come from?”on the advice and FAQ page for further information.

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