20″-22″ Russian Clip in Hair 150g

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  • 20″-22″ in length
  • 150g set
  • Double drawn
  • Silicone clips
  • 6 pieces
  • 20 shades available
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Направляет волосы (Routes Hair)


Russian Routes collected at source from donors with only virgin Hair (never previously chemically treated at all) to bring ultimate luxury. The hair is paid for accordingly for a fair price for its length, weight and strength.


Russian Routes is Slavic Hair direct from our factory in Russia who do not supply to any third parties or process any other Hair than Russian Slavic Hair of the highest quality. Slavic Hair comes straight or with a slight wave. With its sublime quality this hair considered the best hair Extensions in the world. It is extremely rare to get true Slavic Hair and even more rare to find true Russian Slavic Hair that is double drawn. Our factory has worked with us to produce the 80% double drawn hair which is almost unheard of in Russia, why because the Hair is of such quality and rarity that Russian Hair is generally sold as single drawn. This is because to draw the shorter hairs out to achieve 80% double drawn uses 4 times the amount of hair in wastage to create each gram of hair.


Our dark shades are 100% virgin unprocessed Slavic Hair and our light and root stretch shades are very gently processed with specialist products that ensure that the cuticles of the hair are not compromised.


This exquisite hair has been tried and tested and carries a guarantee of 2 years with correct aftercare.


About the shades


Russian Routes shades have been meticulously designed to follow high fashion of hair trends. Women in fashion were the inspiration behind our shades and the shades bear the name of their influencer.


Clip in hair – ultimate luxury for those who wear clip ins every day or for special occasions.


The clip in set comes in 6 especially designed pieces 3 x 4 “ pieces & 3 x 6” pieces. Starting with a 4” piece at the nape of the hair near the neck then brick laying the larger pieces on the next section and repeating this will create just 3 rows of full thick hair.


The clips are compact so that hair can not slip straight through and come with silicone strips to give extra grip.




Our clip ins are designed to fit the average full head. If you have thick hair or wish to have extra thick hair you could add to our 150g clip in set by purchasing wefts to add to your set.




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Weight 170 g

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